• 2768 Car Trips Removed

Lesher Middle School's Walk, Bike, Scoot and Skate Program runs throughout the school year!

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Parent permission is required for students to sign up for Active4.me! Please register, print, sign and return the registration form to receive a student barcode tag. Registration forms can be dropped off in the front office or with Mr. Mayer or Mr. Swann.

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About the Program

Lesher Middle School is the first secondary school in Poudre School district to implement the Safe Routes to School Trip Tracker program. The program uses RFID technology to allow students to easily log their bicycling, walking and bus trips to and from school. It can track miles, calories spent, CO2 saved, gallons of gas saved and money saved. Everyone can use this page to follow their schools’ efforts to promote student health and reduce our carbon footprint through active transportation. GOOD FOR STUDENT HEALTH, GOOD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT.

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